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Proxiboard is a portable light board used as an interactive teaching tool.

Educators know the benefits of face-to-face interactive teaching, and Proxiboard is the solution.


This mini light board gives you the chance to deliver your lessons and write on the board while facing your students or audience.


With this engaging tool, you are able to write your topics while your audience would be able to read them at the same time.


A portable glass as a teaching tool for online or in-class learning. This can be used in Zoom sessions or as an added tool for your smart board which provides you the opportunity to have interactive teaching and learning.



      • Proudly Canadian Designed , Built and ETL certified in Canada with 1 year manufacturer`s warranty
      • Portable Teaching Tool Tabletop light board. Proxiboard is portable and can be setup in about than 10 minutes , Providing 67 cm x 40 cm working area
      • Compatible with most of online meeting software The software enables easy integration with most of online meeting tools, Such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, or any other online platform, which can improve your attendance in webinars and business meetings
      • Durable Interface to create quality educational online video sessions Tough and scratch resistant low iron-clear glass Integrated with presenter-facing lights evenly illuminate the presenter for the best videos, mixing with lecturer's prepared contents and his/her hand writing and markings



      Time to take your teaching and online education to the next level !

      This tool will significantly increase the engagement of the audience with your lectures , presentations and face-to-face tutorials

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